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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
6:09 pm - oryouri!
Today i prepared
Enoki (golden stalk) mushrooms simmered in chicken broth, then stir fried with garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil.
It's good =D i wanna try out more variations!

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Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
11:25 am
Okay leaving for Beijing in about 2 hrs.

Pessimist me wonders if i will freeze my ass off.
Optimist me fantasizes about frolicking in the snow lolol.
Pessimist me wonders if i will die in some uneventful airplane crash.
Optimist me points out that, that way i don't have to care about worrying over getting a degree, migrating, finding a gd paying job and inheritance
Pessimist me wholesomely agrees.
I hate the local education system. I am so getting out after graduation. There's nothing here that i'm remotely interested in anyway.
Business and finance sector? Yes very impressive, now look at the crashing stock market and banks retrenching workers and having to close down, now you tell me what on earth is stable to work in. Farming? go paddy field and sow your rice then worry if you should sell your rice to hungry people or fuel companies.

How the world works is, to find the most difficult job you can handle and get paid for it. The higher the difficulty+ necessity = more $$ for jyu.
How you work, is to find the job that makes you the most happy, and hope that it can earn enough to support yourself. If life plan phail= boring life of working shit you don't want to do and thus you essentially give up your dreams (career wise).
Doing work you like may end up with you hating your hobby because there's always shit that comes to screw up your plans.
Seriously, if this is what happens then what the hell are we supposed to do?
If we cannot even pursue personal happiness then i don't see a purpose of living a life without purpose.
I think if we were given a choice from the start whether to "exist" or not, i'm sure majority of the human population would not want to.
Putting it simplistically, life's too unfair, sad and devoid of happiness.
Probably out of human selfishness. Coming from things that love unconditionally from the start, it's a pretty ironic change to undergo.

extra note- I can escape the neighbour's brats for an entire week! No more screaming! yelling! Throwing tantrums!
I hope it snows. ^__^

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
ok i will tondeikeeee tomorrow afternoon
now chionging stupid assignment and probably not gonna slp cause i have to go to town to get some last min stuff like toiletries etcetc

Can't wait to start hauling stuff from the dutyfree airport! hurhur and i wonder how much cheaper counterbrands will be in beijing.
whoohoo i hope it snows <3
lolol i better get another A for next yr's assignment cause i'm going to gather research etc in beijing which suits my theme of choice perfectly.
pwnage in ways that you can't fanthom. looking forward to TSUMETAI weather and breakfast buffets xDDDD

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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
10:59 pm
Cogito Ergo Sum
Having self-awareness does not guarantee happiness.
Having sense of self just means that you are aware of your suffering.
Having a sense of self means that you are capable of doing things in order to help yourself
But when you do not have the means to do so
Having a sense of self just means that you are aware of your own helplessness
As you realize the fragility of existance
You start to question the purpose of your existance
And you wonder what is worth continuing to live for
You realize that there is nothing you particularly care for in the world
And you wonder why you still continue your ignorant existance
You come to a logical conclusion
If there is nothing to live for
Therefore this is meaningless existence
Existence without meaning should not continue
Thus you contemplate
Erasing yourself
I'd rather not exist
Than to live without purpose
You laugh as you depreciate your worthlessness

Is religion a threat
A barricade from escape
Your own fear and cowardice is a barricade itself
Day by day desire to escape grows
So does self-contempt
You cannot understand the reason of your being
You cannot understand how others continue  to live with their eyes closed
You refuse to comprehend that you are alone
Yet you are forced to acknowledge so
Obliviousness is bliss
I'd rather not know and live in happiness
But would i be happy if i was surrounded by lies
You cannot understand how they can live this meaninglessly
When they give the reason of "I live as I am loved and as I love in turn"
You wonder if it's the real reason
And not just an excuse
Cowardice seems appropriate
Denial of self is so easy
A disgusting means of escape
You would never soil your hands in such a method
Not like them
You know that nobody's existence is approximately wished for
And even if they claimed that it was
You wonder if there were any regrets
"I'd rather not be loved than to have an empty love"
If that's so I'd rather not exist at all
You loathe the irresponsibility of it all
You hate and hate till it seems that you're broken
And it seems that you can never love at all
Then you realize that you have never loved all along
Escape beckons to you with a smile
You wonder when you'll reach out your hand
Cowardice cowardice
There is no such thing as living bravely
When that desire is in actuality, greed
Nothing is ever enough is it
No no nothing
The logical thing to do
I'm sure you know what it is.

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Friday, November 28th, 2008
1:46 am - o___O


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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
2:51 am - >
I am going to write a story.
A sad story about young love and how fate and circumstance have extended their wings of cruelty.
Oh kami-sama please let me exert self-control and make it a one-shot.

Is loneliness driving me crazy? I keep a plant instead of a pet cause i am lazy to cleanup after one.
And i adore that plant. I wish it would bloom forever because the petals are so pretty.
I have been thinking of getting it many friends so that it would constantly have blooms in the same pot.
I feel sad and guilty whenever a flower wilts because i somehow think it's my fault for it dying, although
it is a natural process. I wish the flowers would stay perfect forever. I always feel happy whenever i look at and water my plant.

And i have been thinking about something constantly.
It has been driving me insane with lust and craving.
I am at my limits.
I can hardly control myself.
Wait for me, bakerzin's strawberry shortcake.
The best cake i have ever tasted in my life.
Every bite is freaking sinful orgasm.
I tried to eat it in the car next to my dad and almost died from sheer bliss.
You could imagine how hard i had to control myself.
Fluffy whipped cream pipped between huge luscious slices of strawberries.
Fresh and juicy accented with delightfully contrasting pistachio flavored cream.
Sandwiched between strawberry liqueur soaked sponge.
fuckfuckfuck i am in love with a slice of cake. <3

I like to eat bamboo shoots and straw kinoko.
They are so crunchy and fun to eat with ramen.
If i could have both at the same time, i would be so happy.

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
11:01 pm - obsessing over-
-Teal, dark emerald eyeliner/shadow.
-Ysl's Garden of Eden which costs like $90
-frosty,pearlized lipstick/gloss which is a pink so light it's almost white- the sparklier the better
-sparky, frosty highlighter
-black and green gel eyeliner. Bobbi or mac.
-mascara primer.
-jampacked from Mac's cult of cherry.
-leather boots for everyday wear
-the very minute possibility of me going to tokyo.
-singing enka for next yr's cosfest and scaring the shit out of everbody.

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Sunday, August 24th, 2008
5:58 pm
IT"S OFFICIAL, Macdonald's has discontinued production of garlic chili sauce.
Hell has frozen over and i have no reason to buy mac's anymore.
I buy fries JUST to eat with the sauce, and i help myself to as much as i can, dammit.
Are they like trying to self destruct or something, they did that with the black pepper beef burger in 0'5 and look how their sales dropped.
People were queuing up JUST for that friggin burger and no they had to discontinue it, have it for a limited time for CNY and make it CHIKEN. That, is injustice to the name black pepper BEEF burger, you can't slap a label of black pepper unless it's BEEF. Sry but CHIKEEN just doesn't taste the same. Why do they continue to depress people.

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Thursday, August 21st, 2008
11:52 pm
fwooo backstabbing ftw.
If any of you fuckers have a problem then come up to my face and say it. You don't have a right to look down on me if you haven't gone through the same experience. I can bitch all i want and you can't stop me nyah nyah.
I guess nobody has balls anymore, how sad. If any of you happen to magically pick up any, do invite me out, i have been practicing this roundhouse hook that i have been dying to try on somebody.

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Sunday, July 27th, 2008
7:48 pm - rawr.
A pioneer in early death metal, Cookie Monster brought his pertinent message to hungry youth.


enjoy, (especially you elie =D )

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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
I want a robot jellyfish!


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10:30 am - FUCK
Pissed doesn't cover half of it.
I send my earphones worth $200 usd over to the holy land of america, it takes a week and a half to reach via registered which cost me more than $20, then i wait over a week to have a replacement sent back, and when i open it up and take a listen, oh gee, the right side doesn't work and i have to email customer service to have it sent back again? And i have to spend even more money to send it back? And more over i have to wait a fucking month or more due to lousy mail service?

I am very pissed.

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Friday, January 11th, 2008
12:01 am - TvT
Like kami-sama had his last supper, i am having mine right now. He had some feast thingy and i have my pizza hut.
Op is tomorrow morning at 7.30 am. Bye bye solid chewable food. TvT

Oh and i just finished watching ep1 of  PERSONA -trinity soul- quality wasn't very good, but the storyline seems interesting, although a little graphic it doesn't deliver full impact because of the quality. One thing i want to rave about is the soundtrack, simply fantastic. It's very stimulating, has steady rock undertones and a pleasure to hear. I'm definitely looking forward to the release, the OP sounds great as well. =D

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Saturday, December 29th, 2007
wooot this is fer jyuu paako


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Thursday, August 30th, 2007
3:52 am - reminder to self
Hn, Read the thread on people who met with perverts. Girls should be more careful out on the streets, our country has plenty of old, leering uncles and ji-go-peks leering at kopitiams and what not.

Reminder to self- do not kick torso of attacker. Training is different from real-life attacker.
Torso not =  2 points. Attacker  not = to sparring partner.

Head = 3 points, also = good place to kick attacker.
Vital points of head= temple, forehead, jaw, nose, under nose, collarbone, throat. Crush windpipe if possible.
It hurts a lot when you're hit in collarbone. Tried and tested.
Carotid Artery, Base of neck/shoulder, Front shoulder muscles are good points to hit.

Hi-turning kicks for side of head, jaw, neck
Hi-slamming kicks for temple, nose, collarbone- do not attempt shoulder because attacker can throw you off with arm. -Tried and tested,  i  got thrown and slammed onto the floor.
If attacker is much taller, aim with turning-kick to stomach, then a turning kick to head to knock unconscious. You are in deep shit if attacker has thick skull.

3-hit K.O combo=
kick first- acts as distraction when you follow-up with punch to stomach, then turning to head. Tried and tested. Opponent will not have time to back away/react when you punch immediately. Slamming kick will only be possible if attacker is around same height or if you do a jumping slamming kick.  If you don't have much strength, hit stomach with shoulder or elbow instead.

Notice to all- the above techniques are only for people with martial arts experiences, and kick to head area are for people who are able to  kick above own head level. People who do not fulfill categories, just kick hard to distract him then aim for dick/balls.

If attacker becomes unconscious, kick groin area again to make sure he doesn't wake up soon enough and call police. Keep kicking him whenever he shows signs of consciousness. If lazy you can just hit him with anything hard which is not glass or anything sharp to keep him unconscious. Reminder to self take black-tip if i am staying in sg.

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Thursday, August 16th, 2007
4:22 pm - Mmmpphh. First Post from the lazy fucker.
Hey to the scarce handful that added me ^^ I've finally decided to go post an entry! Expect uncensored vocabulary and unleashed sentiments abound. I love you too guys.

Drowning myself in Scarling and most importantly, Jack off Jill now. I still think that Jessicka performed much better in JOJ, I am so in love with her screaming and her vocals, how the hell she manages not to rip her vocal cords i have absolutely no clue. I'd like to hear her sing in alto though, her honey-dipped soprano is getting boring- I disagree what they said that she sung in a lower octave in Scarling because it's not that much of a difference. Ah Jessicka just keep on screaming, it's feels like chocolate on blood to me.

I worship Cinnamon Spider , Strawberry Gashes, Losing his Touch, all three from Clear Hearts and Grey Flowers- It's funny when you think of it as their last album and right before they broke up, it's my favourite one. But i do appreciate that Scarling sounds more polished and melodic, but nothing is wrong with the raw quality of Jack Off JIll. Damn it all just boils down to whether Jessicka screams or not.  I am too coward to really scream like her, I'm worried that my cords would really go over time- the most i can manage is a growl but what can you expect from someone who doesn't smoke for the sake of her cords. I can never give up spicy stuff though. I am such a sissy.

Hmm Nine Inch Nails is sexy too, but trent! Your beard is fucking disturbing. Please chop it off, you look much better without it. Closer and The Perfect Drug are my favourites- I can't imagine myself singing closer without feeling mortally embarrassed arrghhh, I'd have to get smashed up first. Trent is a fucking genius by the way.

On to Kino and Zone-00!! Ordered all three volumes because they don't have it in stock. Arrghhh i have a profound and inexplicable feeling that  I'll be doing Bentan (or whatever he's called in that form) for eoy. Peer pressure kills, people. Oh yes kill me now, I am inviting much glomping, groping and whatever my friends etc always do but to a wider extent. Ah yes someone wants to see me change too.
Same said wants to see me in yukata for Natsu Matsuri, I desperately hope to get tickets, and i can't wait to get my order. ^^

~goes off to Kino~

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